Auto Dry Track

Designed by a farmer

Proven by farmers

Developed for farmers

Why Auto Dry Track?

     Auto Dry Track is a revolutionary system for center pivot irrigation systems that allows full irrigation while drastically reducing the amount of water on and around the tires of the pivot. This means that you can irrigate your whole field without the pivot making ruts or getting stuck in the mud.

Img of a field with no ADT system       Img of a field with ADT installed
Tower on the left has no Auto Dry Track System, while the tower on the right does.

What does Auto Dry Track do?

     The Auto Dry Track System is a patent pending system, comprised of directional nozzles mounted to the tower structure, directing the water away from the tower, leaving the tower structure and the area around the tower dry. The forward facing nozzles and the rearward facing nozzles are controlled by high quality solenoid valves, which in turn are activated by the forward and reverse circuits on each tower. This keeps you pivot moving ahead on dry ground, saving wear and tear on equipment.

Pivot tower with Auto Dry Track installed
Pivot Tower without Auto Dry Track Installed

What are people saying about Auto Dry Track?

"I always had problems with deep tracks in certain parts of my pivot irrigated fields. It was extremely hard on equipment when we had to cross the tracks and it was very expensive to fill the tracks and the pivot was getting stuck.
     I was talking to Lloyd Parsons and he assured me that the Auto Dry Track System would fix my problem with tracks. I had him install the system on one pivot 3 years ago. We filled the tracks and have not had to do any track filling on that pivot since. The Alfalfa is actually growing in the track and our hay equipment no longer has trouble crossing the tracks. The Pivot no longer gets stuck.
     I was so satisfied that we installed Auto Dry Track systems on two more pivots last year. They are easy to install and we will continue to put them on more pivots. The only moving part is the valve that changes which side of the pivot the water sprays to keep it off of the track when you change directions of the pivot. Reasonable priced, easily installed, and it solved my track problem."

Chris Ray, Ray Ranch LLC
Chappell, Nebraska

Pivot tower with Auto Dry Track installed
Pivot Tower with Auto Dry Track Installed
Img of a field with no ADT system       Img of a field with ADT installed
This Image Shows the Watering pattern of pivot near a tower with the Auto Dry Track installed

Will Auto Dry Track work for me?

If you run a pivot and you are sick of digging your pivots out of the ruts in your field, yes! It will work for you. Give us a call

Picture of a deep rut in a field